Boys Dont Cry

2019 Mixtape By Maury

This Is Maury's 2019 Version Of His Third Mixtape Titled "Boys Don't Cry". Maury Gets Far More Emotional & Open With This Entry With Songs Dealing With His Frustration With Failed Relationships & Mistreatment From Women. This Project Is Self-Produced & His Most Experimental Project To Date.

Dragon Force

Dragon Force (2018) is Maury's second mixtape. Probably is his most experimental tape to date with the constant anime references and the constant change in directions to keep the listener on their toes.

Royal Garden

Royal Garden (2017) is Maury's debut mixtape he dropped on his 20th birthday. In this tape, Maury goes in on his life of adolescence in central jersey. He even shows off his production skills to let people know that he can hang with other producers and is more than just a rapper.